The story of Okingjoy® begins with a founder, Mr. Sato Ryo佐藤鈴, who has a deep love for both traditional and modern design. He was born in Seki-shi関市, Japan, a city with a centuries-old history of blade making, and from a young age, he held great respect for the traditional craft passed down through his family. However, Mr. Sato Ryo佐藤鈴 was not content with simply preserving tradition; he wanted to bring this ancient art form into the 21st century.

"Okingjoy® is the epitome of ancient Japanese art, using carefully selected Japanese Sakai steel関市製ステンレス and time-honored forging techniques.
It was born in Heisei平成 3 and embodies Japan's artistic heritage.
Each blade shaped by craftsman spirit combines beauty and practicality.
Knives live to express all beauty, and I live to make all knives.
Okingjoy® symbolizes a world-class brand that pays homage to Japan’s enduring forging tradition."

----- Founder of Okingjoy® Sato Ryo佐藤鈴
Heir to a century-old Japanese blade-making tradition

Okingjoy® kitchen knives are crafted from renowned steel from Sakai City関市, Japan, and have been handcrafted by a group of experienced traditional Japanese artisans for centuries, with a heritage that traces back to before the Edo period江戸時代. They blend classic Japanese blade styles with modern design concepts. Each knife is born through a process of hand-forging, grinding, and polishing that takes dozens of hours.
Mr. Sato Ryo佐藤鈴 places special emphasis on combining the aesthetics and functionality of the knives. The name "Okingjoy" in the brand signifies the pursuit of kingly pleasure, symbolizing the brand's relentless pursuit of ultimate enjoyment in its products. Mr. Sato Ryo hopes that each knife not only demonstrates unparalleled performance during use but also provides visual delight. He firmly believes that whenever people use Okingjoy® in the kitchen, it is not just about creating a dish but also about enjoying the process of creating beauty.
Okingjoy® understands that without quality service, even the best products are incomplete. Our work does not end with the craftsmanship of perfect blades. Understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers is an essential part of the Japanese philosophy of "customer-first" approach. Our goal is always to provide unrivaled customer satisfaction, engagement, trust, and choice for our chefs and customers. We aim to offer high-quality service that matches Okingjoy® products clearly and promptly, and we strive to see things from the perspectives of our customers and ourselves.



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