Slice and Dice: Okingjoy or Kamikoto - Making the Right Knife Choice

Slice and Dice: Okingjoy or Kamikoto - Making the Right Knife Choice

Whether you’re looking for a Kamikoto or an Okingjoy kitchen knife, you can be sure that you’re going to get a sharp and durable blade. Kamikoto knives are known for being masters of the art of the knife, and you can learn more about them here. Okingjoy knives are the embodiment of traditional Japanese art, made with carefully chosen Japanese Sakai and time-tested forging techniques, embodying Japan’s rich artistic heritage. Both brands produce high-quality knives, but Okingjoy’s knives stand out from the rest. Our designs combine the best of Japanese craftsmanship, combined with the best of European and American use characteristics, to create blades that are better suited for experienced chefs, and home cooks alike.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the key differences between the two brands and their advantages, so that you can make the best choice for your kitchen needs.


1. About the company


The Kamikoto company specializes in the development of Japanese single-bevel steel knives. All of their knives are made from Ibaraki steel, which is a high-quality steel that is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. The Ibaraki steel is an annealed steel that is heated to a temperature of 1922°F for 2 hours and then annealed at a temperature of 392°F for another 2 hours. This process increases the strength and decreases the flexibility of the steel, ensuring that the edge stays sharp for a longer period of time.

The blades manufactured by Kamikoto are made using traditional blade making techniques and are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in the Yangjiang, China area. These blades are valued for their sharpness and durability.


Mr. Ryo Sato, the founder of Okingjoy®, is a design enthusiast who appreciates both classic and modern styles. Seki, Japan, where he was born, has a long history of producing knives dating back hundreds of years. Since he was a young boy, he has held the traditional craftsmanship that his family has passed down in high regard. But Mr. Ryo Sato is dedicated to advancing traditional culture as well; he is not happy to only maintain tradition. His goal was to revive this antiquated art style in the current era.
Okingjoy® represents the pinnacle of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, crafted from meticulously chosen Sakai steel from Japan and traditional forging methods. It represents the artistic legacy of Japan and was born in Heisei 3. Every skillfully crafted blade blends use and aesthetics.

Okingjoy® kitchen knives are crafted from brand-name steel in Sakai City, Japan. They have been expertly produced by a group of centuries-old, traditional Japanese artisans, whose lineage extends beyond the Edo era. They combine contemporary design ideas with traditional Japanese blade styles. Numerous hours are spent by hand forging, honing, and polishing each knife.
Okingjoy® is aware that a product is just half of what it may be without excellent service. Our efforts don't end with perfectly crafted blades.

2. About Knives

Okingjoy's Knives

Indeed, selecting a high-quality knife is crucial for both amateur and expert cooks. Fine Japanese kitchen knives are produced by the Okingjoy brand. Think about the following when deciding whether to buy a Japanese kitchen knife:

1. Material: Japanese high-carbon stainless steel or Damascus steel is typically used to make okingjoy knives. Excellent hardness, sharpness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance can be obtained from these materials.

2. Design: according to Japanese and American styles, we have created a variety of blade designs that you can select from according to your needs and preferences.

3. Handles: To ensure a steady hold and comfort during prolonged use, look for ergonomically constructed handles.

4. Versatility: Select a type of knife based on your preferred style of cooking. A kitchen knife is more appropriate for working with meat and bones, although a chef's knife can be used for many other cutting jobs.

5. Maintenance and Care: While Okingjoy's blades are sturdy, any good knife needs to be properly cleaned and dried right away.

6. Warranty and service: Before making a purchase, make sure you understand the brand's warranty policy. This will allow you to receive the appropriate assistance in the event that you run into any issues.


Okingjoy knives are made with a variety of uses in mind. Every cook should have an Okingjoy knife if they handle a lot of bread, veggies, and meat. A kitchen knife's performance is influenced by its blade type, grip design, and blade angle. In addition to being long-lasting, stain- and corrosion-resistant, and having comfortable handles, Okingjoy's knives allow you to work for extended periods of time without experiencing wrist fatigue. ​

The 11-Inch Yanagiba Knife + Lee S. Knife Set is one of our best-selling sets. Many chefs adore this particular set of knives. Sakai steel from Japan is used to forge the Lee S. Knife Set series. The Yanagiba Knife is composed of 67 stain-resistant and long-lasting layers of vg10 Damascus steel. One of our most well-liked series, this combination is used by many Americans and Europeans for collecting and gift-giving.


Another excellent recommendation is the Dynasty Knife Set with 7-Inch Santoku Knife. This blade collection is the ideal balance of elegance and performance. The Dynasty Knife Set blades are precision forged from a single piece of high-quality, high-carbon Japanese Sakai steel and hand-ground to 13-15 degrees on each side using the industry's highest sharpening technology, meeting the needs of any home or professional kitchen. The Santoku Knife Collection is a collection of stylish, powerful, bold, and futuristic knives crafted from Rosewood Octagonal Handle wood and featuring a unique handle geometry that provides superior grip and stability. The blade is forged from the finest vg10 Damascus steel and features a simple and elegant design that is appropriate for any kitchen. ​

While these styles are popular, they are only a small part of the Okingjoy range. You can view the full range of knives on our official website by clicking here >>.

Okingjoy knives are wider and more versatile than Kamikoto knives, and they provide excellent value for money, allowing you to find a blade that stands out while also completing other kitchen tasks with ease. Furthermore, each set of our knives comes with a handmade ash wood box, and the logo is printed using a laser, which is more layered and high-end, making the okingjoy knives you purchase more collectible.

Kamikoto’s knives

This brand's knives are also of the highest quality, made of Ibaraki steel. Their knives are renowned for their sharpness, portability, design, and longevity. The brand is well-known for selling best-selling Japanese knife sets, which are frequently used by experienced chefs. The website offers a variety of knife sets, including the popular Kamikoto Knife Set and Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set, among others. They also sell individual knives such as the 13-inch Willow Leaf, the 7-inch Santoku knife, and a few others. ​

While single-bevel knives like the Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife or the 13-Inch Yanagiba Knife make sense for professional chefs, Okingjoy's full line of double-bevel knives are a better choice for amateur cooks and home cooks. Not only are there different blade styles to choose from, but they are also available in a variety of sizes, ensuring that you get the right knife for you. ​


3. Regarding the benefits and drawbacks

Benefits of Okingjoy:

  • All blade materials in the entire series are made from Japanese Sakai steel, which is the highest specification available.
  • With its own factory, Okingjoy is able to consistently create and innovate Japanese knives with a variety of materials and specifications, meeting demand worldwide at all times.
  • Every blade goes through a meticulous 19-step process to ensure it is flawlessly forged and sent to you at no cost.
  • The official Okingjoy website offers a range of knives to suit the needs of various cooks.
  • The Western and Japanese styles are both incorporated into Okingjoy's knife design, catering to the needs of both American and European chefs.
  • ​The material of the blade is resistant to corrosion and fouling, allowing it to be used for two to three years without the need for sharpening.
  • Diversified choices, you can purchase a more advantageous combination set, buy a single blade, or get a knife set.
  • Fine knives are more affordable than those made by Kamikoto.
  • The Okingjoy company is well-known globally for providing exceptional customer service and after-sales support.
  • In addition, the company offers a lifetime warranty and a 90-day return guarantee.
  • Additionally, every knife set comes beautifully wrapped in handcrafted ash wood boxes, adding even more value to the knives you buy as collectibles and presents.
  • All types of knives, including Santoku, Yanagiba, utility, and slicing knives, are available at Okingjoy One-Stop Shop. ​

Drawbacks of Okingjoy:

  • Despite being a relatively young company, Okingjoy has managed to gain significant recognition among chefs in the market.
  • Some blades may have a bold and futuristic design, which might not appeal to everyone in terms of aesthetics.
  • The extensive range of knives offered by Okingjoy can be overwhelming at times, but rest assured that there is always a suitable combination available to fulfill your specific needs and expectations.


Kamikoto advantages:

  • They also have a wide range of single and set knives. ​
  • Each blade undergoes strict inspection and screening to eliminate as many defective products as possible. ​
  • You can see many celebrity chefs using these knives. ​
  • They ship worldwide for free. ​
  • These single bevel knives come with a lifetime warranty policy and a 60-day return and exchange policy. ​
  • Their products are well received by most of the customers. ​
  • Kamikoto Disadvantages:
  • These knives are more expensive than Okingjoy knives and are not as good as Okingjoy’s steel. ​
  • Some customers complained about the average quality of the blades.


4. The difference between Okingjoy knives and Kamikoto knives





Seki City, Japan

Niigata City, Japan


Japan's Sakai Steel (has a long history, large pieces of material are more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant)



Ebony, rosewood and horn

Wood and resin handle


All series features an ergonomic design and a hand guard at a 90° angle, blending Japanese and American styles to cater to European and American users.

Heat steel to 1922°F for 2 hours and anneal at 392°F for 2 hours.


Blade Hardness

58-62 HRC

53 ±2 HRC

Blade Angle

13-15°,Double Bevel

Single Bevel


$$ - $$$



Lifetime Warranty + 100% Satisfaction + 90 Days Returns

Limited Lifetime Warranty + 60 Days Returns

Knife set


LeeS. Knife Set+ Yanagiba

Dynasty Knife Set + Santoku

Lee S. Knife Set + Carving Knife and Fork

Santoku + Yanagiba

and more.

3-16 piece knife set with assorted blades.

Premium packaging




Logo laser printing (more layered)

hot stamping (depth and size are not uniform)

Public Welfare Project

Every time you place an order, we will plant a tree



If you are in search of an impeccable collection of Japanese kitchen knives, congratulations! Okingjoy knives are designed to fulfill all your needs when it comes to Japanese kitchen knives.

Simply click to make a purchase >>.

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