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The Enchanting Charm of "Sakai関市 Knives"

Japan is a country famous for its exquisite workmanship and details. Among many traditional crafts, "Sakai関市 knives" are renowned for their excellent quality and exquisite workmanship, becoming a shining pearl in the culinary culture.

Sakai関市 is one of the three major knives producing areas in Japan, especially known for the "handmade knives" which are handmade by craftsmen one by one. In the field of professional chef knives, Sakai関市 products even account for 98% of the domestic market share.With its unparalleled sharpness and the unprecedented Japanese cuisine craze, it has also attracted the eager attention of chefs around the world.

The Enchanting Charm of "Sakai Knives"

Mr. Ryo Sato佐藤鈴, the founder of Okingjoy, is the inheritor of the century-old knife-making tradition in Japan. He adopts carefully selected Japanese Sakai関市 steel and combines tradition with modernity, so that each set of Japanese knives made by him is a combination of beauty and practicality, which has become one of the most recommended Japanese knives by Western chefs.

Mr. Ryo Sato, the founder of Okingjoy

The history of Sakai関市 knives

The story of 600-year-old Sakai関市 knives (Sake no blade) began in the 15th century, when Sakai関市 was a prosperous trading port and many skilled blacksmiths gathered here.Because of the same techniques used in the making of samurai swords, Sakai関市 knives soon won the favor of chefs with their unparalleled sharpness and durability. Today, these knives are not only used in Japan, but also around the world, and are relied upon by many top chefs. The expansion of production began in the 16th century.After the introduction of firearms and cigarettes from Portugal, Sakai関市 began to produce firearms using the same forging technology as the kitchen knife, and tobacco cutting knives.In particular, the sharp tobacco cutting knives even became the monopoly products of the Edo Shogunate (17th-19th century samurai regime) and enjoyed a great success.In the end of the 17th century, the single-edged片刃 knives with the characteristics of Sakai関市 kitchen knives were born in Sakai関市.This tradition has been passed down to today, and in the field of professional chef knives, Sakai関市 products have always maintained 98% of the domestic market share.

The history of Sakai関市 knives


Secrets of manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of Sakai knives (sakai関市 blade) embodies the ultimate pursuit of blacksmiths in each process.From selecting materials, forging, sharpening to the final polishing, each process requires experienced craftsmen to complete by hand.The most crucial step is "flame hardening", which adjusts the hardness of steel by controlling the heating and cooling process, ensuring that the knives have the necessary strength without becoming brittle.


Secrets of manufacturing process



Different types of Sakai関市 knives

In the world of Sakai関市 knives, there are various knives to meet different cooking needs: Yanagiba Knife: A knife specially designed for cutting sashimi. The long, thin blade is perfect for delicate cutting.

okingjoy-11 inch yanagiba knife

Santoku Knife: Combining the characteristics of Western kitchen knives and traditional Japanese knives, Santoku knives are very popular worldwide and are one of the first choices for many home kitchens and professional chefs.


okingjoy-7inch santoku knife


Nakiri Knife: Suitable for cutting vegetables. The thin blade makes it sharper when cutting.These specialized knives not only improve the efficiency of cooking, but also help chefs achieve the ultimate precision and beauty in cooking.


okingjoy nakiri japanese knife


Handcrafted knives made by Sakai関市 are designated as "traditional crafts", which not only proves their historical and cultural value, but also emphasizes their significance in modern society.In an age dominated by mass production and standardization, handmade knives made by Sakai関市 remind us that craftsmanship still has an irreplaceable place.Each knife is a symbol of craftsmanship, bearing the craftsman's pursuit of perfection and persistence to quality.

Perfect Harmony between Sakai関市 Knives and Chefs

Excellent chefs have a special preference for Sakai関市 knives, not only because of their practicality, but also because they can perfectly integrate with the chef's technique, as if they were an extension of the chef's fingers, and accurately convey their intentions. The balance point, handle design and blade curve of Sakai関市 knives are considered ergonomically, so that long-time use is not easy to feel fatigue. Like an art, Sakai関市 knives represent the ultimate of Japanese craftsmanship and the unremitting pursuit of perfection.Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, with a Sakai関市 knife, you can experience the joy of cooking and the unique charm of this ancient craft.Sakai関市 knives are not only kitchen utensils, but also carry the legend of history and culture, passing on the wisdom and enthusiasm of blacksmiths from generation to generation.The next time you taste a delicate and delicious Japanese cuisine, maybe you can take a moment to appreciate the invisible heroes that make these delicacies come to life - Sakai関市 knives.They not only cut the ingredients, but also shape our understanding and expectation of perfect cuisine.

okingjoy Dynasty Knife Set (包丁3本)

Okingjoy knives are made of fine steel from Sakai関市, Japan. They integrate the classic Japanese blade style with modern design concepts. Mr. Sato Ryo佐藤鈴 emphasizes the combination of aesthetics and functionality of the knives.The brand name "Okingjoy" implies the pursuit of king's fun, symbolizing the brand's unremitting pursuit of ultimate enjoyment of products.Mr. Sato Ryo佐藤鈴 hopes that each knife not only shows unparalleled performance in the process of use, but also provides visual pleasure. He firmly believes that whenever people use Okingjoy in their kitchen, they are not only creating a dish, but enjoying the process of creating beauty.

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