What Are the Differences Between Okingjoy and Shun Knives?

What Are the Differences Between Okingjoy and Shun Knives?

Choosing the right knife is a crucial decision, as chefs and home cooks have varying needs, preferences, and budgets. Okingjoy and Shun are both reputable kitchen knife brands with dedicated followings. Okingjoy distinguishes itself through contemporary designs, diverse Japanese knife sets, and affordable pricing strategies that leverage social media and direct customer engagement to attract value-conscious customers seeking innovative design solutions. In contrast, Shun has built its reputation on traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques that emphasize high-quality steel materials in their knives' construction. While more expensive than other options on the market, Shun's knives represent an unparalleled level of artistry.

1. Overview of the Okingjoy and Shun Company

When discussing premium japanese kitchen knives, Shun Cutlery and Okingjoy are two highly esteemed brands known for their wide selection of high-quality offerings. Having a comprehensive understanding of the background and evolution of each brand can offer valuable insights when selecting the appropriate kitchen knife.

History & Background of Shun Cutlery:

Shun Cutlery is a knife brand that is relatively new to the market. This brand is renowned for its traditional Japanese knife-making craftsmanship, with its products being heavily influenced by the culture of Japanese cuisine.

The Shun brand derives its name from the concept of "Shun" in Japanese, symbolizing the peak ripeness of seasonal ingredients. This philosophy is reflected in the design of each knife to ensure maximum performance precisely when needed. These knives frequently feature precision honed edges, resulting in exceptional sharpness during cutting tasks. The handle has been specifically designed with ergonomics in consideration to guarantee optimal comfort and control.

Japanese cuisine

History & Background of Okingjoy:

Okingjoy is a globally recognized manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives. Despite not having as extensive of a historical background as Shun Cutlery, Okingjoy has swiftly garnered recognition in the kitchen knife industry and is highly acclaimed by numerous chefs as the premier Japanese kitchen knife available globally. 

The mission of okingjoy is to blend classic craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology in order to create groundbreaking, top-quality kitchen knives.

To fulfill a range of cooking requirements, Okingjoy offers a variety of Japanese knife sets such as nakiri, chef, carving, yanagiba, and santoku knives. The blade is constructed from high-quality Japanese Sakai steel, with an emphasis on both durability and optimal performance.

high-quality Japanese Sakai steel

The design of the tool handle is also carefully considered with a focus on ergonomics. Various sets of tools utilize various handle materials and designs in order to be creative and cater to the requirements of users.

Okingjoy is dedicated to providing a diverse selection of designs and knife styles. Some Japanese knife companies produce multiple series, but okingjoy provides a wide range of options to suit every preference, including the Dynasty Knife Set, Lee S. Knife Set, santoku knife, yanagiba knife, and more.

This varied range of Japanese-style knives utilizes the highest quality materials tailored to each specific knife type in order to maximize performance.

2. Okingjoy Knives

Okingjoy Knives

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The success narrative of okingjoy demonstrates how a forward-thinking company can swiftly establish itself in the market by offering superior products and employing a carefully thought-out brand image. Their significant expansion and dedication to offering a varied range of products ensures that consumers, whether they are professional chefs or cooking enthusiasts, have access to a diverse selection of options.

Characteristics of Okingjoy

  • Wide variety of products:

Dynasty Knife Set: Distinguished by its excellent 5Cr15MoV Japanese Sakai steel, this line blends the elegance of traditional Japanese blades with contemporary craftsmanship.

Lee S. Knife Set: These knives highlight toughness and beautiful design, drawing inspiration from Viking weaponry.
Sushi knife, or Yanagiba knife: These knives, which are renowned for their futuristic style and distinctive forged pattern, are made to appeal to customers looking for distinctive appearances and practicality.

okingjoy|chefs choice|Lee S. Knife Set + 11-Inch Yanagiba Knife|japanese knife set|side view

Santoku Knife: exceptional resistance against rust and corrosion, with a Japanese VG-10 steel core, 67 layers of Damascus, and an HRC of 60±2.
Offering a timeless appearance and superior functionality, it is appropriate for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.

okingjoy|japanese knife|7-Inch Santoku knife|Hammered Blade by professional and traditional handwork

Furthermore, OKingjoy introduces a range of set combinations that enable customers to buy several matching, premium knives at a discounted cost.

  • Building brand and marketing

Okingjoy regularly promotes its products and value proposition on social media, through online videos, and on other digital platforms. It is quite active in these areas.
Despite being a rising star in comparison to Shun, Okingjoy has gained awareness from customers all around the world thanks to its distinct brand strategy, varied product offerings, and unwavering commitment to quality. In the fiercely competitive cookware market, it also stands out thanks to its creative design concepts and relentless pursuit of tool performance.

In the end, the decision made by the consumer will depend on factors including taste, financial constraints, and the functionality and design of the knife. You can choose between Shun and the contemporary and rapidly expanding Okingjoy to obtain a high-quality knife that meets your needs.

3. Shun Knives

It's true that Shun Cutlery is a renowned knife maker with a product line that showcases their exquisite craftsmanship and classic style. From the entry-level Sora series to the top-of-the-line Hiro series, Shun caters to a variety of consumer needs.

Qualities of Shun
Product line that is conservative but diverse:
Shun produces knives in a range of pricing points and applications, but overall the brand maintains a more elegant and traditional Japanese style.

Entry-Level Series - Shun Sora:
The Sora series, Shun's entry-level product line, uses synthetic handles and 3-layer steel to keep costs down while offering dependable performance for novices.

Mid-range series - Shun Classic:

Shun's Classic series, which combines conventional materials and manufacturing techniques, is a highly favored series. It uses VG-MAX steel core and Damascus outer layer. Comfortable grip and added elegance are provided by the handles made of ebony rosewood.

Innovation Series - Shun Dual Core:

The Dual Core series use a special blend of two distinct steels (VG10 and VG2) to produce a micro-serration effect that prolongs the knife's life and sharpness.

High-End Series - Shun Hiro: 

The Hiro series makes use of SG2 super steel, which is strong and resistant to shattering while yet being a thin sheet design. It is a more expensive, high-end product range.

While Shun’s designs may seem conservative and understated, it’s simply a testament to their respect and longevity in traditional knife manufacturing. Each series has a distinct positioning and target audience. For instance, if you’re a chef who appreciates Japanese culture and craftsmanship, you’ll likely prefer Shun knives. If you’re looking for innovation, modern design, or just want a “talk” piece in your kitchen, Okingjoy products may be right for you.

Shun’s strength lies in their brand reputation and dedication to quality. They’re known for their functional and elegant designs, and each knife is built to last. Whether you choose the high-end or one of their more affordable ranges, you can be sure you’re getting top-notch performance and superior sharpness.


4. Okingjoy Shun: Differences And Similarities


What is the Difference Between Okingjoy Knives and Shun Knives?





Seki関市, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Blade material

Sakai steel関市製ステンレス

Japanese steel

Handle material


Synthetic or wood

NSF Certified



Blade hardness

60±2 HRC

6O-61 HRC

Price point




Limited lifetime warranty

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty + 100% Satisfaction + 90 Days Returns and Exchanges

BB0 Tools



Charitable activities

For every knives purchased we plant one tree



Overall, both Okingjoy and Shun provide top-of-the-line Japanese kitchen knives with long-term warranties and quality assurance, but they have different approaches to customer service. While Okingjoy focuses more on customer communication and a satisfaction guarantee, Shun may be more focused on traditional brand branding and product quality to sustain its position in the market.

Japanese kitchen knives

In addition to performance and design, warranties and customer service have become more important factors for consumers to consider when making their purchasing decisions. In many cases, a company’s after-sale service level will have a direct impact on a customer’s purchasing decisions and loyalty to a brand.

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